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Are you training your dog to pull on the lead!?!

It is so easy to train your dog to pull on the lead. Dogs are simply motivated to explore the exciting world around them and want to see (and sniff!) as much as possible. One of the main reasons dogs pull on the lead is because they have learnt it is a quick way to get them moving forward to...


​I don’t want to teach my dog any tricks!

I hear this all the time. Sometimes I hear this from some of our clients and other times I hear it on various social media accounts. To me anyone who says this really does not understand the value that teaching your dog’s tricks can have on not only your relationship with your dog, but also...


3 most common mistakes when recalling your dog.

3 most common mistakes when recalling your dog A reliable recall is something we all want to have with our dogs, but in reality it is not as easy to get as others sometimes make out! Unfortunately, although puppies often like to stick around, they are not born with an understanding of recall...